LeadLocal is a THINK, LEARN, & DO tank.

Think of us as the local hardware store where you can get the tools, know-how, and answers you need to get your work done.

We help organizations and individuals adapt to the changing market. No gimmicks. No prescriptive, proprietary processes.
It’s about harnessing the potential & knowledge you already have to find solutions, collaborate, innovate, and lead.

Our mission is to inspire & empower people to learn, grow, and lead as local & global citizens. Our energy goes into three initiatives: Learning Ecosystems, Community Development, & Leadership.

LeadLocal started as a small project with big dreams. We are making those dreams come true, one project, one person, at a time. You might call us crazy, but our theory of change is that every person matters. You matter. A just world starts with you, and change grows when we come together, open our networks, open our hearts, and DO the work of making this world a better place.

In our three years of DOing, we have had the privilege of partnering on truly impactful projects. We are thankful for the opportunity to make a difference. It isn’t always easy…but what is? So JOIN US. Be part of the DO. Make a difference in your own life and in your community. 

Learning Ecosystems

Learning Ecosystems

Community Development

Community Development

Leadership & Innovation

Leadership & Innovation


Need to get things DOne?

Learning Ecosystem Resources

Learning Ecosystem Resources

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Jenni Moreno
Best Kept Secret

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Brooke McDonald
CEO & Co-founder

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Robin Breault

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Kristin Wisneski-Blum
Leading for Good Catalyst

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DaNel Hogan
DO Driver

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Katie McKay
DO Driver




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Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone?

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

August 25, 2015
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Add It Up…

August 12, 2015
Rebecca Klemm likes numbers. She likes them enough to write books and songs about them. Rebecca is the Numbers Lady, and her brainchild is Numbers…

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