Here’s how it works…

12-14 micro-mentors (young professionals & Starbucks partners) guide 35-40 youth participants through three hands-on workshop rotations:

  • Mirror, Mirror: Discover the science behind interpersonal interaction.
  • You Got Style!: Learn about yourself—reveal your personal work style.
  • Story Time: Tell your story to WOW recruiters and get noticed.

CareerCafé micro-mentors share “real world” insights and help youth gain confidence and basic professional skills. The event wraps up with a purposeful networking session where everyone gets the chance to practice soft skills & build relationships.

What’s the impact?

Since 2014, CareerCafe has engaged 400+ youth and 85+ micro-mentors who invested over 500 mentorship hours. But the numbers don’t mean as much as the connections.

The power of CareerCafé is in the cross-generational connections & learning that emerges when people sit across the table from each other & take the time to listen.

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