Workshop Description & Micro-Mentor Resources

Career Cafe is a workshop designed to help young people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the expectations that they will encounter in a professional or college setting. Career Cafe workshop includes three different workshop rotations and a final networking activity. As a micro-mentor, you will lead one workshop session with the support of an experienced micro-mentor. LeadLocal will provide all workshop materials for you. Descriptions and resources for each workshop rotation are listed below.

MIRROR, MIRROR…NEURONS: Discover the science behind interpersonal interactions. Get participants up and moving, learning about nonverbal, interpersonal communication & positive first impressions. Sound fun? Check out these resources:

  1. A quick NOVA video on Mirror Neurons
  2. A TED talk by Amy Cuddy on confidence and body language
  3. A short article on the Power of Charisma

YOU GOT STYLE! Get your hands dirty learning about your work style.
Help participants understand their personal work style and how to flex for effective team interactions. The workshop uses People Styles (similar to DISC) to help participants reflect on their own communication. To learn more about People Styles and how to become a better listener/communicator, here are a few resources for you:

  1. Super brief overview of People Styles
  2. A TED talk on 5 ways to Listen better
  3. Active Listening overview from Mind Tools 
  4. An HBR blog post on the importance of Listening

STORYTIME: Tell your story to WOW recruiters and get noticed. Story is a powerful tool. Explore the power of stories by helping participants practice behavioral interview techniques and patterns. Like to tell stories? Get ready to share yours and help others share theirs.

  1. A TED talk about How to Tell a Story
  2. A two-part Fast Company blog post on the power of narrative 
  3. An overview of the STAR story pattern for behavioral interviews
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