Design Thinking for Decision Makers

A leadership workshop

9:00 – 4:00 pm  |  Friday, February 2, 2017  |  TUCSON, AZ

Sure, there’s sticky notes involved, but design thinking is far more than little blocks of color. It is a methodology for innovation that merges creativity, analytical reasoning and collaboration. It’s all about learning by doing. Our hands-on workshop unpacks design thinking and helps you establish a framework for innovation and leading change.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

8:30 – Breakfast 

9:00 – Welcome to the Age of Empathy – Explore the fabric of the 21st century economy with information and activities that reveal insights about why design thinking is a growing field of practice and how you can leverage design tools to lead.

10:30 – Morning Break

10:45 – Start Where You Are Empathy and collaboration are at the heart of design thinking and leadership. Build your capacity to lead by engaging in activities that help you see challenges in context and span boundaries.

12:00 – Lunch – Fun, delicious, and surprising!

12:45 – Design the FutureImagination isn’t just for artists and prototypes aren’t just for engineers. Learn how to leverage design tools to develop a shared vision and lead innovation. Build your creative confidence as you practice ideation and prototyping.

2:30 – Afternoon Break

2:45 – Empirical Creativity Don’t waste your time and money on solutions that might not work. Go lean. Develop rapid experiments to help you learn and refine with minimal resource investment.

3:45 – I like, I wish, What if…? – Show and tell! It’s time for listening and learning. New connections take time to integrate, so we’ve built in a bit of processing time for you to network and reflect together, mingle and chat. (Friends and family invited to participate)