DO Community

DO Community  Less talk. More DO.

Come together with growth-minded folks to fill your innovation toolbox & DO something for…yourself, your organization, & your community.

The shift to a network economy means we all have to adapt to uncertain markets…but innovation is challenging. second curve no networks It’s hard because cognitive work is emotionally taxing and we are culturally averse to failure.

“Good performance” means no mistakes; yet, experimentation and risk are part of learning and growing. In short, innovation asks us to change the way we think, not just the way we work.

For most of us, adopting a new mindset and taking action is easier when we move out of our normal circles of influence and broaden our interactions.

Open networks provide a chance for unique collaborations that translate into success. network v hiearchyWhen we see situations from a variety of viewpoints, we discover better solutions.

After all, big jobs are always a little easier when you have a few helping hands. The DO community provides that support. We’re a cohort of individuals who share ideas and practices as we work to make a positive impact through innovation.