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Howdy, DO-er! This is where you will find handy links to download tools and templates from your DO Tank Field Manuals.

How does it work? Simply. You click on the tab to the right that corresponds with the Field Manual you are working from. In each tab, you will find links to downloadable templates and links to LocalGenius videos that further explain certain concepts covered in the Field Manual.

If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to holler. We are here to help!

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Worksheet: Style Index Questionnaire
Innovation MAP: Team Process Map

Primer videos to stay in-the-know!

  • The Big Flex: An overview of People Styles to help your team learn to flex to collaborate.
  • What Makes Teams Work: The basics about team development and the key elements necessary for collaboration.


Innovation MAP: Empathy Map

Primer videos to stay in-the-know!

  • Benchmarking & Best Practices: All creative ideas begin somewhere. Document what others have done to learn from them.
  • Manage the Situation: The basics of situational analysis to help you place your work in context.
  • Stakeholders: Think through the folks you’ll need to help you get your idea off the ground.


Innovation MAP: Adapted BMC – Mission-Driven Canvas
Worksheet: Early Prototypes
Worksheet: Milestone Time Table

Primer videos to stay in-the-know!

  • The BMC: An overview of the Business Model Canvas (BMC).


Innovation MAP: Rapid Experimentation
Worksheet: Persona Development Template
Worksheet:  Interview Script Template
Worksheet: Interview Recording Sheet

Primer videos to stay in-the-know!

  • Listen & Learn – Part 1: Planning discovery and development interviews to learn from customers, users, or partners.
  • Listen & Learn – Part 2: Conducting discovery and development interviews
  • Rapid Experiments: Understand the basics of lean experimentation and testing


Worksheet: Rainbow Partners Rating Sheet


Worksheet: Action Plan
Innovation MAP: Important vs. Urgent Map


Worksheet: Form follows function
Worksheet: Storyboard Template

Primer videos to stay in-the-know!

  • Early Prototypes: A primer for understanding the function and value of a prototype
  • Service Prototypes: An introduction to service prototypes


Excerpt: Useful Stuff for Lean Data