Emergent Co-leadership

Emergent Co-leadership is a 10-session workshop designed to support individuals who are seeding transformation and emergence in their communities.

Is Emergent Co-leadership for you?

  • IF you find yourself code-switching, boundary spanning, and translating as you cross cultures to open doors for communication and understanding…
  • IF you’re bridging networks in your community…
  • IF you are stewarding systems change within your institution

…then, you’re in the right place. The workshop is all about honest conversations, awareness, and tools to sustain your work and support your whole self.

Cohorts take place online or in-person. Each workshop session applies participatory learning and design strategies along with peer mentorship to support your personal and professional growth. And we have fun…because, why not?

For an overview of what we will dive into each week, click through the schedule snapshot.

Spring 2020 Online Cohort begins Monday, January 13! APPLY HERE!

The Spring 2020 Cohort will not meet Jan. 20, but will meet every Monday afternoon between Jan. 27 – March 16, 2020.
Sessions will be held online using Zoom video conferencing.

Tuition = $875
Early Bird Rate = $725 if you enroll before December 15.
Want more details or scholarship info? Contact Robin Breault or Paulo Harris

Schedule Snapshot!

Emergent Co-leadership is a collaboration between LeadLocal and Cohado!

Emergent Co-leadership helps you shift your HOW. 

In complex systems, emergence occurs through collective behavior. It’s when the individual parts work as a whole to do what they cannot achieve alone. Emergence is a property of wholeness (1, 2). Fractured systems (groups, cultures) cannot achieve wholeness without healing. Healing is a process, it takes time and requires us to pay close attention to the HOW in our lives. 

And so, HOW we do and be is more critical to the evolution and maintenance of emergent systems than the WHY and the WHAT. The HOW shapes culture–the norms and behaviors, the “operating system.”  Process is product. 

This means that the process we use to seed transformation is foundational, because the beauty of emergence can only occur when the system co-operates as a whole.

What makes regenerative emergence hard to jumpstart is our tendency to default to familiar ways of getting shit done. In the U.S., our dominant cultural framework (and processes) reinforce deep, systemic fractures and inequities rooted in white supremacy. Similarly, our most prominent cultural narratives about leadership maintain the status quo, divide us, and extract the wealth and health of individuals and communities. 

So, when it comes to supporting emergence, we need to embody a new operating system and a community of support. This workshop will give you what you need to begin to cultivate both in your life.