The Adobe Sessions: Episode 4

This is the fourth episode of The Adobe Sessions, LeadLocal’s podcast that explores what it means to learn and lead. In this episode, we talk to four teachers and the director of the STEMAZing Project. “Make me use my teacher voice!” is the fourth chapter in a series exploring the BIG question: What is school leadership? 


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Meet our guests!

Just in case your wanted to learn a little more about our guests (who are all STEMAZing Teacher Leaders), we asked them to share a little about themselves!

Danielle Coleman

Teacher 7th/8th Science/Science enrichment teacher
St. Cyril School K-8 
STEMazing Teacher Leader  2016-17

When have you been inspired to learn? I am inspired to learn when given purpose and real problems to solve. I experience this same condition in my science classroom. Students thrive in project-based scenarios where they put their skills and knowledge to use and where their voice is valued. Any situation where I am challenged to solve a problem that I care about, and where my voice can make a difference, inspires me to learn.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing education today? The biggest challenge in education today is helping teachers create learning environments that meet the needs of students while simultaneously providing everyone with adequate resources, time to accomplish tasks and respect. I believe we must value the teacher’s role in preparing students for the future.

DaNel Hogan

Director of the STEMAZing Project
Office of the Pima County School Superintendent
Professional educator on a mission to positively impact PreK-12th grade STEM education by empowering classroom educators!

When have you been inspired to learn? I am inspired to learn whenever my interest has been piqued.
What do you think is the biggest challenge facing education today? The systemic hyper-underfunding of our public education system and a lack of respect and support for classroom educators are the biggest challenges facing education today.

Amanda McPherson

Pre-K Teacher
Marana Unified School District
STEMAZing Teacher Leader 2016-2017

When have you been inspired to learn? I was first inspired to learn in elementary school, my 4th grade teacher took the time to get to know me and taught amazing lessons that were hands on and they held my interest.  Then learning just took off from there.

What is the biggest challenge facing education today? I feel the biggest challenge in education is that we are not focusing on the student’s needs.  Our focus is misplaced on assessments and budgets.

Ginny Wheeler
Gifted Education-S.U.N.
STEMAZing Teacher Leader 2016-2017
When have you been inspired to learn? Every day is a new day to learn.  I was fortunate to have some amazing teachers in my life who inspired me to learn.
What is the biggest challenge facing education today? The greatest challenge is a systemic problem of how to best support children. It has been said “the true measure of any society is how it treats it most vulnerable members.” I have a dream that one day all children will be esteemed as learners and the teaching profession will be revered as one to which many would aspire.
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