The Adobe Sessions: Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Adobe Sessions, LeadLocal’s podcast, continues to explore the question: What is school leadership? This episode looks at the intersection of leadership and empowerment and what that means for schools. This is the sixth episode in the series about school leadership.


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Meet our guests… 

Normally, we ask our guests to send us a short bio and answer a couple questions. This time, well, it’s the end of school and our guests on this episode are principals. They are crazy busy this time of year, so we decided to write a little something about each of them. They are both women that we look up to and respect. They have taught us a lot about leadership. This is what we learned from them–

Shawna Rodgriguez

You might call Shawna a quiet leader. When we first met Shawna she was an assistant principal and didn’t really have ambitions to be a principal. Yet, when she was asked, she stepped up. From Shawna, we’ve learned that with an open heart and mind, humility, and unwavering integrity you can take on even the most daunting tasks and succeed.

Tiffany McKee Emerson

You wouldn’t call Tiffany a quiet leader. She’s a firecracker. Tiffany is a natural-born storyteller, and when you’re with her, there is never a dull moment. From Tiffany we’ve learned that leading, like learning, should be fun. It requires heart, gusto, and creativity!

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