Intern Selection

Intern identification is the first step in any successful internship. While interviews are standard practice in the selection process, adding group interviews and applied evaluation measures can help companies make more targeted selections.

A multi-step selection process provides a more accurate measure of internship candidates’ learner agility, motivation, self and situational awareness, problem solving, and communication skills.

Download guides and templates at the bottom of each section.

The internship process begins with the application process. An internship application can help your business can save time and develop a more accurate understanding of candidates’ personal motivations and knowledge of the industry.

Application Overview
PDF Application Template

Group interviews are an efficient way to interview multiple candidates while observing their communication skills, motivation, and learner agility as they interact. Applied skills assessments can be administered at the time of the group interview to provide a more robust picture of candidates’ skills and abilities.

Group Interview Overview
Group Interview Instructions
Sample Group Interview Rubric
Example Interview Questions

Applied Skills Assessment Overview
Sample Problem Solving Evaluation
Sample Professional Writing Evaluation

Speed Date matching sessions help potential interns and supervisors connect and improve the success of the internship selection process. Speed-dating style interviews are used to recruit talent and efficiently meet a large number of candidates.

Speed Date Matching Overview
PDF Speed Date Rating Form Template

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