Internship Evaluation

Providing regular feedback improves interns productivity and engagement. Evaluation tools that create opportunities for discussion make it easier for supervisors to engage in meaningful feedback sessions with interns.

Evaluation tools can also help businesses improve their own productivity as they plan for future interns and develop talent. Some of the most effective tools include weekly reflection and check-in throughout the duration of the internship.

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The intern weekly reflection is an easy way for supervisors and internship support staff to learn about the intern’s experience and catch problems early on. Weekly reflections may be administered electronically or in hard copy. The reflection is also a useful conversation starter for weekly check-in sessions.

Weekly Reflection Overview
Sample Reflection Form

Younger generations seek constant feedback. Weekly check-in meetings and reflection forms help supervisors engage interns in a feedback loop. These meetings support professional relationships that benefit both supervisor and intern and helps boost job performance.

Topics covered in the weekly check-in may be drawn from the intern’s weekly reflection form.

Weekly Check-in Overview

Supervisors and interns should evaluate an intern’s performance during the internship. Feedback from both intern and supervisor at the mid-point of the internship will allow for a comparison of perceptions regarding the intern’s performance in adequate time to address any significant discrepancies between intern and supervisor expectations.

Capturing similar feedback at the conclusion of the internship allows for a comparison of the mid-point and end of the internship. These evaluations also provide the intern and company with valuable information for future improvements.

Internship Evaluation Overview
PDF Evaluation Templates

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