STEP 1: Each tab below has a  collection of food-for-thought resources on a different topic. Each individual should choose a different JIGSAW topic and spend ~45 minutes exploring one or more of the resources under that tab.

STEP 2: Regroup and share what you learned. 60-second share your learnings and then have a conversation. Here’s couple discussion questions that might get you started: What did we learn? How is this applicable? What do we do with our new learnings?

Harvard Education Talk – “End of Average” Todd Rose – (8 min)
TEDx Talk – “The Myth of Average” – Todd Rose (18 min)

The Atlantic – Is This How Discrimination Ends?” Jessica Nordel  (~8 pages) or  audio version (30 min)
Harvard: Project Implicit Bias – Implicit Bias Test – A project (& test) that reveals our implicit biases.

Nautilus –  Emotional Intelligence Needs a ReWrite – Lisa Feldman Barrett (~4 pages)

The New York Times – “Your Brain on Fiction” Annie Murphy Paul (3 pages)

RSA Animate –  “Drive: The truth about what motivates us” – Dan Pink (11 min)

Harvard Business Review – What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means – Carol Dweck (4 pages)

Forbes – Why Is Innovation So Hard? – Edward Hess (4 pages)

TED Talk – What Makes us Feel Good About Our Work – Dan Airely (20 min)

TED Talk – Happiness by Design – Stefan Sagmeister (15 min)

Laura Flanders Show Emergent Strategy – Adrienne Maree Brown (5 min)

Mark Manson Blog – Emotional Intelligence – Mark Manson (13 min read)

Family Action Network – Ta-Nehisi Coates Interview – Ta-Nehisi Coates (40 min)

TED Talk – Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. – Hannah Gadsby (18 min)

The Next System (podcast) – Episode 2: Kate Raworth on Doughnut Economics – Kate Raworth (40 min)

Systems ThinkingIntroduction to Systems Thinking – Dan Kim (20 pp)

Harvard Business ReviewThe Big Shift: Measuring the Forces of Change” – John Hagel (13 min)

Stanford Social Innovation ReviewThe Dawn of System Leadership”  – Peter Senge (16 pages)

Center for Creative Leadership (white paper)-  Boundary_Spanning_Leadership – Chris Ernst (18 pages)

TED Talk – “We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers” – Rachel Botsman (17 min)

Mathematica Policy Institute (report) – “Evaluating Systems Change” – Margaret B Hargreaves (24 pages)

Dismantling Racism – “The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture” – (10 min read)

RSA Short – “Blame” – Brene Brown (3 min)

TED Talk – “What to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen” Ernesto Sirolli (13 min)

Harvard Business ReviewCollaborative Overload – Adam Grant (~8 pages)

TED TalkHow Listening Can Change an Entire Community – Rev. Jeffrey Brown (18 min)