LeadLocal Leadership

It’s time to grow your capacity. 
Leadership can happen anywhere & start with anyone.

Leadership is the work of listening & working with others towards a common vision. And, the journey towards authentic leadership begins with discovering where you are and what fuels you (your passion).

Along your journey, the practice of leadership is awareness — learning to…

  • listen and flex,
  • span boundaries with mutual respect, and
  • create trusting relationships that support collaboration.

Leadership is different than authority or management. You’d think people would get that by now, but … look around. Too often, authority (the power to enforce or control) and management (the oversight of resources) are confused with leadership. Do you need authority to lead? No. Do you need good management skills to lead? Eventually. But the only pre-req for leading, from where you are right now, is your willingness to develop awareness and grow.