Ready for something good? You need LeadFIT. Find a class.

What is it? A drop in leadership class…we call it exercise for your empathy muscles. Each hour-long class is structured around one “How might we..?” leadership challenge that is explored through reflection and interactive learning.

Why do it? Because leadership is a practice of awareness and you need to keep yourself in shape. A personal coach would be nice, but do you have time for that in your schedule and budget? We don’t. So, we wanted something that would work for the rest of us. Just show up, practice new skills, and learn strategies that you can use immediately.  Checkout the schedule.

Want to level-up the leadership in your organization, we can bring LeadFIT to you. Contact Carly or Robin for details!

LeadFIT Fall 2018 Class Schedule

When you take a LeadFIT class you will think, learn, and do. Show up a pencil, a notebook, and a water bottle–brains and hearts need hydration!

LeadFIT AT THE ADOBE (in-person)
5:30-6:30 pm every other Monday @ 196 W Simpson Street
*Starts after Labor Day
In-person classes are drop-in. You don’t need to register ahead of time!
$10 cash/$11 card at the door.

LeadFIT AT YOUR DESK (online)
Since time-zones are a often a challenge, during the month of August, we’re testing a few different options to see what day and time work best for our friends across the country. If you’re showing up online, register here in advance. $12.50