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It’s time to grow your capacity.
We understand that one-size-fits all leadership training doesn’t get results. So we offer a variety of approaches to help you catalyze capacity and co-create structures that fit your culture and support a healthy organization–from the ground up.

Organizations are complex living organisms not mechanical systems. That means …

  • People come first. Resilient organizations grow from relationships that prioritize respect, transparency, and effective feedback
  • It should never be top down. Individuals, teams, and systems work best when they are self-organizing and self-managing.
  • You can’t separate the why, what, and how. We are bound by context and place.

This is how we think about co-leadership skills.

Leadership can happen anywhere & start with anyone. LeadLocal offers three different ways to help your team grow its leadership and calibrate collaboration: LeadFIT, Leadership C-Suite, and customized learning.

Emergent Co-leadership

8-session workshop to grow and sustain your capacity. Spanish workshops available.


HIIT training for regenerative leadership development.

Co-Lead Works

Customized support for organizational change.

Emergent Co-leadership

Emergent Co-leadership is a 8-session workshop designed to support those doing the work of seeding transformation and emergence in their communities.

Co-leadership is for individuals who carry the weight of code-switching, boundary spanning, and translating as they cross cultures to open doors of communication and understanding within fractured systems. The workshop is about honest conversations, awareness, and tools to sustain your work and support your whole self.

Because leadership (or stewardship) is a practice of awareness, you need to stay sharp. A personal coach would be nice, but who has that kind of budget? We don’t. So, we created something that can work for the rest of us.

We call it LeadFIT. It’s exercise for your empathy muscles–your heart and your head. Each hour-long class in the series is structured around one “How might we..?” challenge that we explore through interactive learning that you apply to your own life, right then and there. It’s the perfect alternative to boring “sit and get” training.

Want to level-up the leadership in your organization, we can bring LeadFIT to you. Check out our class packages.

Need to seed change within your organization?

Do it the right way: Invest in your people and their potential first. Using the CoLead Design Process to initiate organizational culture change CoLead Works helps you maximize assets and minimize waste.

If you are looking to create a quantum leap of performance as an organization, our co-op of transformation coaches can help you to move through the change process. It’s not a bunch of theory…it’s strategies and activities to grow your organization when it counts.

Want to learn more? Send us a note or drop a line. We’d love to chat.