Library Innovation Clinic

October 6 + 7, TUCSON AZ

October 6 + 7, 2017 | TUCSON, AZ | Registration | Agenda

Spend two days exploring innovation tools and strategies from lean startup and design thinking while improving your craft through hands-on application to real-life challenges that your library faces.
At the Innovation Clinic you WON’T…
  • You won’t sit and get.
  • You won’t scramble from session to session.
  • You won’t get lost in the crowd.
  • You won’t get theory without real life application.
What WILL you get?
  • You’ll have fun, be surprised, and eat well!
  • You’ll step out of the daily grind.
  • You’ll get to recharge with growth-minded folks.
  • You’ll develop your innovation literacy skills.
  • You’ll head home with an action plan.

Because the cornerstone of any innovative initiative is collaboration, we price our retreats to encourage team participation and institutional leadership development. Individual attendees are welcome, but teams are highly encouraged.

Team of 3: $900
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The team registration fee covers registration for 3 team members. Additional team members may be added at $325/person. Registration includes all materials, breakfast and lunch both days of the retreat. Travel and accommodations are not included.

Team of 2: $800
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The team registration fee covers registration for 2 team members.* Registration includes all materials, breakfast and lunch both days of the retreat. Travel and accommodations are not included.

Individual registration fee: $450
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Individual registration fee covers all materials, breakfast and lunch both days of the retreat. Travel and accommodations are not included.

Friday, October 6
Location TBA

8:30 – Breakfast from Cartel Coffee LabDelicious!

9:00 – The Big SHIFT + Growth Mindset – When you find yourself in times of change, it’s time to learn and grow. The innovation clinic gets started with activities that help you pinpoint your place in the current landscape and set a vision for where you want to be.

10:30 – Morning Break

10:45 – Welcome to the Age of Empathy and Networks — This Is Your Life! – Weave yourself into the fabric of the 21st century economy with activities that reveal insights about how leadership and innovation happen at your library.

12:00 – Lunch – Fun, delicious, and surprising!

1:00 – We All Got Problems – Be part of the solution by learning to use new problem solving tools from entrepreneurship or design thinking. You choose the direction and work through solutions-oriented frameworks and activities scaffolded for organizational learning.

2:30 – Afternoon Break

2:45 – Become a Lean, Mean, Learning Machine – Empirical learning works, but sometimes it seems difficult and out of reach. It doesn’t have to be if you apply lean strategies. Learn tips and tricks that lean entrepreneurs and designers use for empirical learning and get out of the building!

4:30 – Gallery Walk – Share what you’ve got, see what others learned, and get a chance to process.

5:00 – Happy Hour – YUM!

Saturday, October 7
Location TBA

8:30 – BreakfastTucson style (Does that mean Breakfast Burritos?) + Cartel Coffee Lab

9:00 – Welcome back to Learn and Play! – In the age of BIG data and innovation, analytical skills are fundamental to success, but analysis doesn’t have to be boring. Have a data party! Learn and practice data analysis activities from lean design that make analysis relevant and tangible. Take it home to WOW your colleagues!

10:30 – Morning Break

10:45 – Prototype the Future – Prototypes aren’t just for engineering. You can prototype anything—and you should. Prototypes help make abstract and new ideas concrete, reveal different perspectives, and inspire creative solutions. Try your hand at prototyping and learn how you can build creative, hands-on problem solving into any challenge your library might face.

12:00 – Lunch – Fun, delicious, and surprising!

1:00 – Work it! – Work on your solutions with your team, plan rapid experiments to help you test your next steps, get feedback, and get get ready to share out!

3:00 – I like, I wish, What if…? – Show and tell! It’s time for listening and learning. New connections take time to integrate, so we’ve built in a bit of processing time for you to network and reflect together, mingle and chat.

3:30 – Good Bye!