Local Genius

Welcome! You’ve discovered our best kept secret (beside Jenni Moreno).

LeadLocal’s genius is captured in a bunch of short primer videos just for you. These short clips will help keep you up-to-date on important concepts so you know what’s going on. The videos are organized in a simple way. There are 6 categories. Each category of video covers a different set of related topics. Browse them all or use the buttons below to jump to the place you need to be. Happy viewing!


The Big Flex

This 5-minute video provides information and an examples of People Styles so you can communicate and collaborate more effectively! We also recommend that you pick up a copy of the book. It’s a good read! COMING SOMEDAY!

What Makes Teams Work

This short video gives you a down and dirty introduction to collaboration, from Tuckman’s stages of team development to the 4 elements of effective teams. This is truly a little gem…COMING SOMEDAY!

Getting Started

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Benchmarking & best practices is the place to start. In short, it’s simply looking at what others have already done to learn from their failures & successes. This video gives you a quick overview to get started.

Situational Analysis

Before diving into things, it is important to place the work in context and identify variables that could become opportunities or barriers. This video asks some key questions to help you manage the situation.

Stakeholder Analysis

Before you “do”, it’s important to think about the “who.” Get to know the key people who may impact or be impacted by your solution. This video introduces how a stakeholder analysis can help you do just that.

Listening: Interviews + Experiments

Listen & Learn: Part 1

When you are designing for & with humans, you’ve got to learn what those humans want & need. The easiest way to do this is to ask. DO interviews. This video will give you the basics of planning for interviews.

Listen & Learn: Part 2

Interviews will help you verify your assumptions or improve your perspective by uncovering which assumptions are wrong. This video has basic tips for conducting your development interviews.

Rapid Experiments

Rapid experiments allow you to test your assumptions about how people behave and see what they actually DO. This video provides an introduction to lean experimentation.


Early Prototypes

Everything starts somewhere. Proto means first. Prototyping is the the first step in bringing great ideas to life. This video gives you a quick introduction to how to get started.

Prototyping Services

Prototyping services can help you explain your service to your potential users. This video walks you through the basics of prototyping services and gives you some good ideas about how to test your service idea.

Pitching Ideas


You have an idea, and you’re ready to do some serious thinking about how to bring your product or service to life. The BMC is a tool that helps you map, discuss and design new business models or document existing ones. This video gives you a short intro to the basics of the BMC.

What’s Your Story?