Off Script – Innovation 101

June 6 – 8, 2017

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June 6 – 8, 2017 in TUCSON, AZ    |   Agenda   |   Registration   |   Partners
Off Script – Innovation 101 is a retreat for educators who bring real-world learning into the classroom.

At Off Script – Innovation 101, participants explore their own leadership while collaborating and improving their craft through hands-on practice with tools and methods from design thinking, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. Participants choose a path, Design Thinking or Entrepreneurship, and work in small teams to explore and apply fundamental innovation processes to a real-world challenge.

Loved the outside the box nature of the training – unique and relevant. Useful to connect with other teachers. Empowering.

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Mike Tveten
Biology Instructor, Pima Community College

Thank you for the time to plan and think authentically!

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Aimee Katz
2nd Grade Teacher, De Grazia Elementary

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Tuesday, June 6
Reilly Craft Pizza

5:00 – Check-in

5:30 – The Big SHIFT + Growth Mindset – When you find yourself in times of change, it’s time to learn and grow. Off Script gets started with activities that help you pinpoint your place in the current educational landscape and set a vision for where you want to be.

6: 30 – Dinner + Keynote

Wednesday, June 7
Connect Coworking

7:00 – Yoga  (optional – all levels) – Get your brain and body moving with an all-levels yoga practice.

8:30 – Breakfast from Cartel Coffee LabDelicious!

9:00 – Welcome to the Age of Empathy and Networks — This Is Your Life! – Learning and leadership are the warp and the weft of individual or organizational growth. Begin to weave yourself into the fabric of the 21st century economy with activities that reveal insights about how leadership and learning connect to your classroom or school.

10:00 – Morning Break

10:15 – We All Got Problems – Be part of the solution by learning to use new problem solving tools from entrepreneurship or design thinking. You choose the direction and work collaboratively with others as you work through solutions-oriented frameworks and activities scaffolded for classroom learning or faculty meetings.

11:45 – Me Time

12:00 – Lunch – Fun, delicious, and surprising!

12:20 – Lunch Learning – CommunityShare hosts a conversation about authentic learning and equity in education.

1:15 – And Why Not? – Growth mindset: We talk about it ad nauseam. Innovation and entrepreneurship require it. We want our students and colleagues to adopt it. But are we practicing it ourselves. Explore your own perspective through simple activities that you can use to adopt a growth mindset or use to help others do the same.

2:15 – Afternoon Break

2:30 – Become a Lean, Mean, Learning Machine – Empirical learning works, but sometimes it seems difficult and out of reach. It doesn’t have to be if you apply lean strategies. Learn tips and tricks that lean entrepreneurs and designers use for empirical learning. Use them with your students, parents, or school faculty and staff.

4:00 – Gallery Walk – Share what you’ve got, see what others learned, and get a chance to process.

4:45 – Me Time

5:30 – Happy Hour @ Barrio Brewing – YUM!

Thursday, June 8
Connect Coworking

7:00 – Urban Hike with ITE (optional) – Start your day with an inspiring urban hike.

8:30 – BreakfastTucson style (Does that mean Breakfast Burritos?) + Cartel Coffee Lab

9:00 – Welcome back to Learn and Play! – In the age of BIG data and innovation, analytical skills are fundamental to success, and analysis doesn’t have to be boring. Have a data party! Learn and practice data analysis activities from lean design that make analysis relevant and tangible. Take it home to a faculty meeting to WOW your colleagues!

10:30 – Morning Break

10:45 – Prototype the Future – Prototypes aren’t just for engineering. You can prototype anything—and you should. Prototypes help make abstract and new ideas concrete, reveal different perspectives, and inspire creative solutions. Try your hand at prototyping and learn how you can build creative, hands-on problem solving into any challenge your school might face.

11:30 – ME Time

12:00 – Lunch – Fun, delicious, and surprising!

12:40 – Work Time – Wrap up prototypes, plan next steps and get get ready to share out!

4:00 – I like, I wish, What if…? – Show and tell! It’s time for listening and learning. New connections take time to integrate, so we’ve built in a bit of processing time for you to network and reflect together, mingle and chat. (Friends and family invited to participate)

4:45 – Tour Connect Coworking! Tour Connect and get a taste of the innovative environment of coworking in Downtown Tucson.

Registration $375
Your registration includes:

  • LeadLocal Innovation Starter Kit
  • All conference materials
  • Dinner Tuesday, June 6
  • Breakfast and lunch on Wednesday, June 7 and Thursday, June 8
  • 16 hours PD credit in Entrepreneurship Education or Design Thinking

Travel and accommodations not included.

Use this REGISTRATION LINK to register, or for multi-participant invoicing contact

Off Script – Innovation 101 Partners
We are excited to partner with two organizations that support teachers and innovation in education!