Regenerative Leadership at Borton

Kathy had been teaching for over 30 years when she became an EdCorps Founder.  Her journey to founding a classroom business with her students is one of authentic leadership and learning.

Kathy never really saw herself as an entrepreneur or a school leader. Her own words: “Adults are not my thing.” But Kathy believes every student matters and that relevant learning opportunities can change lives. And so, her quest for improved teaching and learning brought her to systems thinking, project-based learning, entrepreneurship, and ultimately leadership.

When Kathy joined LeadLocal’s Leadership C-Suite her goal was to work herself out of a job by training others to do what she does in her position as a project-based learning coordinator at Borton. Today, not only does every student at Borton complete one project-based unit each year, there are three separate classroom-based EdCorps at Borton Elementary.

Kathy leads by example. She knows that her actions can inspire growth and create space for innovation with teachers and students. It isn’t easy to uncover your authentic leadership. It requires listening, reflecting, communicating with authenticity. For Kathy, authentic leadership is about helping others discover their own path.