How might we create a library conference that values hands-on learning and genuine connections?

Ashely Maynor and Corey Halaychick answered this question by starting The Library Collective: a two-day gathering that convenes next-generation librarians to learn, create and collaborate.

This year, I had the opportunity to attend, connect and learn in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wondering what it’s really like to experience The Collective? Here are a few session snapshots:

Collabor(d)ating: Speed dating to cross boundaries and connect.

Sticky Prototyping: Hands-on practice creating and testing prototypes.

Instruction Mixtape: Leveraging design thinking to integrate active learning instruction.

The Collective prioritizes offering relevant and accessible professional learning opportunities for  librarians (plus they love all things fun, delicious and surprising.) Which is why we’re so excited that the learning, creative exploration and collaboration won’t stop in Knoxville this year. We’re teaming up with The Collective to bring Design Thinking for Library Leadership to Atlanta this September!

Join us for a full day of learning by doing where you will identify an adaptive leadership challenge, form a team, and tackle your challenge by establishing a framework for leading change by design. Hands-on, team learning will give you the opportunity to adapt design thinking tools and collaborate with colleagues.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out:… see you in Atlanta!

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