Workshops + Retreats

Experiences designed to help teams + individuals reveal potential and co-create actionable solutions…

Each year we run a couple public workshops, but why wait? Bring the magic in-house. Give your people the gift of time, where learning and co-creating is the priority.

We customized workshops and retreats to address the sticky issues you need to tackle. Maybe collaboration, inclusive leadership, participatory design, innovation or intra-preneurship? 

Check out our past workshops and retreats for some ideas and let us know how we can help.

Leadership begins in your own backyard–and it’s kind of like gardening. A little investment and work up front, regular maintenance and attention, and it blossoms like you never imagined. Check out some of our leadership workshops.

Inspired learning is messy, unpredictable, and fun. Off Script PD workshops for teacher and school leaders spark inspiration by letting you step out of the daily grind and create the time to think, learn, and do without interruption. Bring a retreat to your district!

Design Thinking for Decision Makers: A one-day workshop for school decision-makers

Emotional Well-being + Classroom Learning: A one-day workshop with Dr. Mays Imad

Off Script Retreats: Workshops for teachers and school leaders

Making the good stuff accessible and relevant is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Our innovation workshops help you reveal the resources and assets you need to tackle persistent challenges. So, step out of the daily grind and find the helpful tools and time you need to innovate. Join us!

ZERO to PODCAST: Jumpstart your library podcast with a hands-on design workshop with Charlie Bennett, cohost of Lost in the Stacks

Design Thinking for Library Leadership: A leadership by design workshop

Library Innovation Clinic: A two-day retreat for library teams